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Fishing with Braided Fishing Line

What is a braided fishing line?

Braided is a micro strand interwoven fishing line which is strands on a single strands fishing line. The materials of these fishing line strands used polyethylene fibers. The manufactures of braided fishing lines use different types of combination fibers. The materials used for this fishing line are dacron, spectra, micro Dyneema, and hydrophobic gore.

The braided line mostly used 4 to 8 strands but the modern braided line use 12 to 16 strands. Every strand is called a carrier which means if the line contains eight strands it will b called eight carrier braid. The difference between braided lines from monofilament or fluorocarbon is the multiple strands that are made of one fiber of plastic. Fishing with braided line will be the best decision for bass fishing.

Advantages of fishing with braided line

  • It has smaller diemeter than fluorocarbon or monofilament line
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Floats on top of the water
  • It has great line sensitivity even for light bites
  • Low line memory
  • Doesn’t stretch
  • Excellent breaking strength

Disadvantages of fishing with braided line

  • Highly visible underwater compare to mono or fluoro
  • Tie knots can be challenging
  • Difficult to cut or remove snag
  • More expensive than monofilament
  • The line can be cut into a reel spool

Why Should you fishing with braided line

So now you know about the advantages or disadvantages of braided fishing lines. But they depend on the very situation. For example, if you want to pike fishing with the lures then the line will be a braided fishing line.

Fishing with braided line will be the best choice for your bass fishing or big fish competition. This is very simple to make the switch with the braided line because it has almost zero stretches.  Which creates better contact with the lure every time and also when you strike or lift your rod. 

So for fish monofilament or fluorocarbon line can not be an ideal choice, because they broke on the other hand braid has impressive breaking strength which is ideal for the big type of fishing competition.

What to look at before fishing with braided line

Line Weight: before you start fishing first match your line test weight limit to the fish you are targeting.  This will assure you that your line can handle the weight of the fish you are targeting. There are many types of braided fishing line you can get on the market which comes with a various weight limit. It will help your rig to perfect match with your angling ambitions.

Line Length: Select the right line length by matching the capacity of your reel. But you should have at least 100 to 150 minimum yards on your reel. Line length depends on your targeting fish. If you target bigger fish then you need more line because the species of fish will tend more to fight and take your line out further.

Most of the line comes with variable length this is another advantage because if you buy longer line it will save the cost of your fishing lines. And you will merely unspool another length of the line also again rig it once the previous line will usefulness.

Color: Braided line comes with different colors, but mostly high visible yellow or pink which will let you easily track your line even for a long cast. This line comes with more subtle colors like moss green or transparent. This line is designed to blend into the aquatic environment. But if you want a more pronounced color consider your braided fishing line with a clear fluorocarbon leader to distance the lure from the line. 

Price: Braided lines are expensive than monofilament lines. But higher price comes with great quality. The braided line gives you a stronger and thinner fishing line. Fishing with braided line will make your line last longer compared to other line.

The best situation for fishing with braided line

Every situation or location presents different challenges. We hope these guidelines should be taken from a standard standpoint.

Dirtier Water Clarity/Condition

The big problem with the braided line is it highly visible underwater. But when you fishing in dirty or muddy water, then the braided line is the best choice because the fish won’t see it and they can easily be spooked. 

For freshwater fluorocarbon or monofilament lines are an ideal choice but some fish are more aggressive than others. So it’s important to know about the species of fish. The more you understand water conditions the more you succeed.

Heavy cover foliage or structure

In thick foliage and wrestling weather, a braided fishing line is an ideal choice. In wrestling weather, you can see a lot of big fish which cannot get by mon or fluoro line that’s why braid is the best choice. Braided line is shining in that condition because it’s not only a line strength also reduced abrasion for your line.

Top Water

Fishing in topwater like frogs, poppers, spooks, and many others. they will be great work with the braided fishing line because the braided line is float on topwater and it has no stretch which allows you more active on baits. There is a monofilament line that also floats in water but braids cut through water better for less drag.

Sensitive bite

This is a very sensitive fishing line because it has no stretch. Brid no stretch makes action on lures which is easily felt for anglers. This feature is a double-edged sword for braided fishing lines. 

When you felt those light bites with a braid using a rod with a very sensitive tip it will provide you to play for lures. So fishing with braided line is another advantage is sensitivity.

Beach Fishing

The braided line has long casting strength. And casting distance is a huge advancement while you fishing from shore. For beach fishing, you need a high abrasion-resistant line and a braid fishing line holds these features better than a monofilament and fluorocarbon line.

Deep-Sea Fishing

In the ocean, for big fish, you need a lot of strong lines and this is the benefit of a braided fishing line. A braided line is a small diameter that enables you to put on two to more times more lines on the spool.

Frequently Asked question?

What is Ice braid fishing line?

Ice braid fishing line is specially designed for ice water fishing. The materials of this fishing line are built with fibers that are hydrophobic and repel water. This helps the line not to free in cold water. You can find a market blue ice fishing line that is low visibility.

 What are the best knots for braid fishing lines? 

Learning about fishing knots is very important while fishing. To connecting the line with the leader is a double unit knot which is an easy and effective knot. For braided fishing lines, ball bearings snap swivels are also used as a leader. Tie a good knot on hooks with the Palomar knot.

Can I use a Braided line for saltwater fishing?

If you liking for a short answer then yes, you can be fishing in saltwater with a braided line. A braided fishing line will be an excellent choice for saltwater fishing. On the market, you can pick up an excellent braided line that has the correct breaking strain which you to do on the larger spool.

Does the color of the braided line matter?

No, it doesn’t matter. But however, it matters if you know what you are doing. For carp fishing, we use a yellow braid in ice water use blue braid. It tends to stand out and make our task a little easier.

How long does a braided line last?

It depends on how you used it or how often it is used. This fishing line has the ability to last way longer. Fishing with braided line will be satisfied if you use it properly.

How to cut braided fishing lines?

Cutting braided lines s not easy. If you don’t have the correct scissors then this can cause fray. It s need that type of scissors that have a serrated edge to grip and make the braid cut.

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