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Type of Fishing Rod

Type of Fishing Rod

The best fishing rod is the most important piece of equipment for fishing. If you are a beginner and looking to buy your first-ever fishing rod then you must be confused about the sheer number of available options. But a little bi research will help you to choose the right types of fishing rods for your job. 

And if you are reading this article it means you already started. In this article, I will explain to you every type of fishing rod and which fishing rods are to be targeted for different species and environments.

There are many types of fishing rods are available on the current market. But don’t be confused we will guide you in this research.

Things to consider when choosing a fishing rod

The most important thing you need to know before buying a fishing rod is what type of species you are targeting. How do you want to target them? But as human beings, we are not satisfied with one thing. So maybe you are considering a multi-purpose rod to target many species. So here, I asked you some questions which will help you to get rid of your confusion.

  • Are you a land-based angler?
  • What are you intending to fish from a kayak or boat?
  • Are you fishing off the beach or rocks?
  • Do you like to travel with a fishing rod with you?
  • Do you fish off jetties and piers?
  • What type of water are you going to be fishing?

So if your confusion has been a little bit removed then here are some different types of fishing rods you can consider buying.

Type of Fishing Rod

Casting Rods

Casting Rods

Some anglers called it Spincast rods. It holds the casting reel mounted and controls it with a handle. Generally, rods are demanding kinds of bar. But Casting rod is not one of them. It is the least demanding bar to use. Its work is straightforward, it just pushes catchline and discharges for casting. After discharging its encased nosecone, where the fishing line leaves the reel.

Casting rod is one of the cheapest fishing rods. So if you are a beginner it is the best choice if buy a casting rod for the first time. Not only for beginner casting rods are also used by experienced anglers. Although there is a reason, they use casting rods for most short of lake fishing. Because casting rod is more effective than spinning rod here. 

Spinning Rods

Spinning Rods

The most common and most used fishing rod is the spinning rod. It has a great general purpose for beginner anglers. Spinning rods are lightweight and flexible so they can be used comfortably. And the versatile spinning rod are ranging between four and nine feet long. A spinning rod is attached with spinning reels. which attached to the underside of the handle not only this all the line guides with spinning rods are attached face down

It is an ideal fishing rod for most scenarios. If you are thinking using a spinning rod will need extra skill then let me correct you you don’t need any extra casting techniques because it is very easy to use with a lot of practice. Spinning rods are mostly used in wide-ranged freshwater. You can catch different types of popular species with this rod including walleye, panfish, trout, and bass. Spinning rods are also used in inshore weather fishing.

Ultra-Light Rods

Ultra-Light Rods

The ultra-light rod is a lighter-built fishing rod that has lighter lines. Finding fish is a kind of thrill and conveys more challenges. But ultralight rods are used for catching smaller fish like trout, bass, and panfish. So you are looking for a rod to catch smaller fish in a challenging spot ultralight line can be the best choice for you. 

Lighter fishing rods used fishing lines so it’s difficult for fish to spot, so anglers got ore little fish compared to other fishing rods. You can also catch larger fish with this rod but that wouldn’t be an ideal choice. You can use typical bait for this light fishing rod. 

Fly Rods

Fly Rods

Fly rods are built for fly fishing. They attached the fly reel with fly rods. If you have any fishing experience then you should that fly fishing is a different type of fishing compared to other traditional types of fishing. This rod is specially made for hunting but for that, you need patience, stealth, and a bunch of skills. So fly rods are not ideal for beginners. It needs experience and skill to cast a fly to where the fish is feeding on.

Fly rods are not only used for trout fishing or freshwater fishing but also used for bass fishing. If you want tips for bass fishing you can learn more.

Telescopic Fishing Rod

Telescopic Fishing Rod

Telescopic fishing rods are a kind of rare rods. It’s a dream for every professional angler. Telescopic fishing rods are compact and easy to carry in cars so you can transport them without facing any problem. This type of rod is extremely flexible and highly durable. The telescopic fishing rod is perfect for surf fishing anglers. If you have used a casting rod before then you should take a telescopic fishing rod which gives you a whole new experience.

The telescopic fishing rod can be extended. When you closed the rod it will be one to two feet long but when you extended it can be 20 feet long. This rod use is easy and simple. 

Surf Rods

Surf Rods

For sea fishing or ocean fishing, you need a very long and extremely durable fishing rod. Surf rods are mad for sea fishing or ocean fishing. You can say that Surfcasting is for a larger family it’s intended to use in the ocean. 

Surf rods are generally very long, not only this it will also help you to increase casting distance. Surf rods are different from the other rods. You will get different types of surf rods on market. It gives you different options for a small boat or larger ships. The shape of surf rods is also different. The size will be thick as you huge you want. But surf rods are expensive and they are not usual for an average angler.

Trolling Rods

Do you like the cat mouse game? Trolling rods are kind of things. You can experience an enjoyable and lot of fun-filled. What I first say is cat mouse game you can play cat mouse with your lure to the bait. Its primarily used to catch large fish. 

it is a long fishing rod but not thin so when you go for larger fish it can not be broken. It’s an extra advantage. It’s a similar fishing rod-like a spinning boat. Arsenal fishing is what you do with trolling fishing rod. 

Sea Fishing Rods

Sea Fishing Rods

Sea fishing and surf fishing rod are the same things. We just separate them because sometimes anglers are confused. All the features are the same. So if your requirement can fulfill one of these rods both rods will work for you.

Ice Fishing Rods

Ice Fishing Rods

If you want to fish in ice you need to have an ice fishing rod. These types of rods are simple and have drilled a small hole in the ice. It’s merely 25 to 40inches in length. The classic ice fishing rod does not have a reel so you have to use two opposing hooks. It’s mounted with the fishing rod.

What features to look for when buying a fishing rod

If you researched finish and you know which type of fishing rod you are going to buy. Then You need to look at some things before you go to buy a rod. There is some best fishing method to buy the best fishing rod which you have to use. This will be a good time to choose your rod. Now, you have to consider a few things like rod action, rod power, weight class, rod material, and handle materials. 

Rod action

Fishing rods work in two action.1. Slow action 2. Fast action 3. Medium action

  1. Fast action:   Bends only at its tip
  2. Slow action: Bends along its whole length
  3. Medium action: Bends halfway along its length
Rod taper and length

Rod taper and length

Taper and rod length is one of the most important parts of a fishing rod. Not Thin and long fishing rods are strong and can more casting distance solid rod low long and thin rod are weak so they easily break.

Rod power

Rod power and pod action have many similarities. Rod power means the bending behavior of bending power. There are three types of bending power. 

  • Heavy: requires a lot of weight to be bent
  • Medium: requires intermediate weight to be bent
  • Light: bends very easily

The bigger fish want to catch the heavier power you need. For small species of fish, light power can be enough.

Rod material

Fishing rods are made with mainly 3 materials. All are used under different circumstances. 

Fiberglass: this type of material has more power and more durability which will give bars a big advantage on heavy-duty saltwater fishing. Strong surf rods and sea rods are made of fiberglass. It’s almost impossible to break and is ideal for trolling rods.

Graphite: it is a much lighter material than fiberglass. This is a very stiff material and ideal for those fishing that need accurate casting of lure or bait. It helps you to fish for long hours. But graphite is as strong as fiberglass. This means graphite can break more easily than fiberglass. It causes problems when you catch bigger fish.

Composite: It is a combination of both graphite and fiberglass. Which not only with the name but also combine their strength and also a weakness. As an example, you can take an Ugly tech rod it’s a composite material.

Handle material

Rod handles materials are of two types. One is cork and the other is EVA foam. Both are great in different circumstances. Although a real cork is more durable and has high-quality features.

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