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Use Baitcasting Reels Like Pro

Baitcasting reels are not easy to use. But If you learn some techniques then it could be easy to use them. But to become a pro you have to follow all the techniques. Everyone did not easily become a pro. They strictly follow some techniques and become pro. If you want to be a pro baitcaster you have to follow some techniques and practice hard. 

Many beginners have casting problems with their baitcasting reels. For beginners, many of them face the common problem, backlashes. It’s a very frustrating problem for anglers. When spool spinning is faster then line, and it causes line pile up into a bad tangle that’s called backlashes problem. Baitcasting setup may be easy but using it is not easy.

So do not further wait, let go and the techniques which make you a  pro baitcaster.

Best Line Set Up & Release

For learning line set up and release you have to learn what is the best line for baitcasting reel. There are three different types of line you can get from the market. They are monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid. If you are a beginner baitcaster then we recommend a monofilament fishing line. Because it’s not smooth like the other two and the backlashes are also very low then the others. So it’s the best line for beginners. But if you want to be a pro then it’s not good enough for you.

Mostly fluorocarbon line used because of its low visibility in the water.  This type of line is used as a leader. Fluorocarbon is a dense material which means it has a refractive index as water. That makes a reflected light as water does, so it’s nearly invisible in water. So a short piece of fluorocarbon is tied up with the main fishing line of baitcasting reels.

No argument, but braid is the best line for baitcasting reels. But the condition is you have to pick up the right type of braid fishing line. Braid is made by high molecular weight polythene with several single strands which make an incredibly strong line. It is also a very sensitive line which is also a big advantage. But braid does not grip as mono or fluoro does so many anglers use mono as backing when spooling with braid.

So now if you want you can choose any type of fishing line for baitcasting reel but if you look deeply then you see that braid is best spooling fishing line, monofilament is good at backing and fluorocarbon is best for leader because of its invisitibily. So if you mixed  them up then it would be perfect in all qualities.

Now talking about line release, first make sure your baitcaster hangs 6 to 12 inches from the tip of the rod. And if the bait stays in the right length then press the spool release button and hold the spool so it’s not dropping.  It will be best when you cast your rod pointing at 2 o’clock. And now you can start fishing.

Baitcasting Reels Spool Tension Settings

For an ideal baitcasting reel, the settings should be smooth and easy casting to get the correct tension knob. The tension knob is the small dial on the side plate. The same side as the handle and drag star. The first step of setting up the baitcasting reel is to adjust the spool tension settings. 

To do this, you need to hold your baitcasting rod at 2 o’clock and then lure up until there is about 8-12 inches of line out. Then turn up or tighten the tension knob until you feel some light pressure build up afterwards push the thumb bar and let the lure go. But your lure should be dropping slowly.

Then slowly release the pressure on the tension knob until the lure stars fall to the ground on its own. Reel up and repeat this until your tension is set properly and you should not get any line overrun when the lure falls.

Brake Systems Adjustments

The trickiest thing you have to do on baitcasting is adjust the brake system. Because it’s very difficult. There are three different brake systems you will get in baitcasting reels.  Each of them performs differently and designs differently.  That’s why you want to stick to only one brake system. Thus we recommend you to try every type because then you know which type of brake system you are comfortable with.

Centrifugal Brake Syste

The Centrifugal brake system uses small weight to locate the inside of the side plate to activate the brake. And the side plate is accessed by a dial to unscrew the side or a lever that releases the plate. When the adjustment is a symmetrical pattern that means it’s achieved balance.

Magnetic Brake System

Magnetic brake system is the easiest brake system compared to other brake systems. This brake uses a dial on the outside of the plate which adjusts the brake system. Abu Garcia and Daiwa mostly use a magnetic brake system. The dial usaily read as min to max or one to ten. For the new anglers it’s best to use the higher end of the settings. Because if you want to go to the lower end of the settings you need more practice and experience.

Hybrid Brake System

The Hybrid brake system is basically a mixture of both Centrifugal and magnetic brake systems. And the adjustments are done the same way but each should be set to a lower setting for the beginner anglers. 

For the necessary adjustments, you should set the outward brake by turning the brake handle clockwise. And then put the reel in a free spool until the lure starts falling to the ground.

Drag System Settings

The drag setting is the easiest part of a baitcasting reel. It’s very simple. So here what you had to do is, there is a big star shaped dial between the reel handle and the body. Turn this star forward to tighten the drag and backward to loosen it.

You should set the drag tight enough that it won’t slip on the hookset, not so tight that it won’t give at all. For the beginner, finding the right balance may be needed some time but things get easy after a while.

Handle The Right Grip 

You have to know how to hold baitcasting reels down your thumb’s place. Many anglers are using baitcasting reels in their right hand. So it’s best for beginners to start casting with a dominant hand. The thumb should sit over the spool so you can both press the spool release button and push your thumb on the spool. 

But some other anglers find different angles to get control. So you need to experiment and more practice to find your comfortable position which works for you.  For the beginner you  should start by short casting. It does not need so much strength. That is why if you are a beginner then you don’t have to put your other hand on the rod.

If you follow these rules and practice them then you can also use baitcasting reels like a pro.

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